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Medical Tourism in Düsseldorf


Düsseldorf, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism in the country. With its 15 world-class interdisciplinary hospitals, over 80 specialist clinics, and more than 3.000 practicing physicians offering treatment for almost all diseases Düsseldorf attracts thousands of foreign patients every year. Foreign patients have access to a wide range of medical treatments and procedures in Düsseldorf, including orthopedic surgery, bariatric surgery, cardiology, and oncology. The city is also home to some of the most advanced medical technologies in the world, such as robotic surgery systems and 3D printing technology for medicine, facilitating faster and more precise treatments. 


Welcome to Düsseldorf

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Düsseldorf for Medical Tourism


Excellence in Healthcare

Düsseldorf is home to several internationally-renowned hospitals and clinics offering specialized treatments, from cardiology to oncology. In addition, Düsseldorf has an established reputation for patient safety, quality medical care, and personalized attention to patients. 

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Healthcare Infrastructure 

As the capital of a whole region, Düsseldorf offers important medical services outside the city limits. The city ensures that patients receive the best possible medical care regardless of their place of stay. This means that the healing process can take place even in the vicinity of Düsseldorf, allowing patients to fully benefit from the city's world-class medical services and relaxing environment. 


Accommodating Excellence: Düsseldorf's Hotel Infrastructure

Düsseldorf's commitment to medical tourism extends beyond healthcare facilities to its impressive array of accommodation options. The city's hotel infrastructure is designed to cater to the unique needs of medical tourists, offering comfort, convenience, and personalized care. From luxury hotels adjacent to medical centers to budget-friendly lodgings near therapeutic landscapes like Hofgarten, Düsseldorf ensures a seamless stay for patients and their families. Many hotels provide specialized services such as transportation to medical appointments, dietary catering, and wellness amenities. Whether you're in Düsseldorf for a medical procedure or accompanying a patient, the city's hotels make your stay a healing experience in itself.



Düsseldorf's reputation as the "Ten-Minute-City" is well-deserved, with most medical institutions just a ten-minute drive from the city centre. This convenience is greatly appreciated by both tourists and patients seeking medical treatment. The city's efficient transport connections and frequent flights make it stand out among other similar metropolises. Furthermore, Düsseldorf's unique combination of medical services and numerous shopping centres, recreation opportunities, and short distances between any objects is unparalleled in Europe, making it the most attractive destination for medical tourism.


Culture of Openness 

Düsseldorf's healthcare system caters to foreign patients, ensuring they feel welcome and receive top-notch medical treatment. Many hospitals have dedicated international departments, offering language translation services and a seamless healthcare experience. Additionally, patients can access assistance in finding accommodation, transportation, and even local tourism information. Düsseldorf is a thriving, multicultural city that warmly welcomes patients from all over the world. 


Hofgarten and Kö-Bogen II:A Green Oasis in Düsseldorf's Medical Tourism Landscape 

Düsseldorf's Kö-Bogen II, home to Europe's largest green façade, symbolizes the city's commitment to innovation and sustainability. With 30,000 hornbeam hedges, it's not just an architectural marvel but a living testament to environmental stewardship. Located near the city's medical facilities, it complements Düsseldorf's world-class healthcare services, offering a serene escape at Hofgarten park for patients and visitors. Experience the blend of medical excellence and ecological beauty in Düsseldorf, where health and nature thrive together.


Düsseldorf's Shopping Experience: A Perfect Complement to Medical Tourism

When it comes to medical tourism, Düsseldorf offers more than just world-class healthcare. The city is also a shopping paradise that caters to diverse tastes and preferences. From the luxurious boutiques of Königsallee, known locally as 'Kö,' to the innovative retail spaces in Kö-Bogen II, shopping in Düsseldorf is an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. While the primary focus is on healthcare, the city's shopping destinations offer an excellent diversion for those accompanying patients or for patients themselves during their recovery phase. With a wide array of international brands, local crafts, and gourmet delights, Düsseldorf provides a unique blend that sets the city apart as a distinctive medical tourism destination.



Health Tourism Düsseldorf

Your reliable Partner for Medical Tourism

As a municipal subsidiary, Düsseldorf Tourismus Board brings together the most important players in and around Düsseldorf and presents the entire catalogue of services on this platform. Our initiative, Health Tourism Düsseldorf, is an informational platform that connects patients worldwide with outstanding medical facilities in the Düsseldorf region. We cater to a wide array of medical specializations, such as cardiology, dermatology, oncology, urology, and beyond, all offered by outstanding professionals who are devoted to achieving superior results for their patients. Whether you are seeking medical treatment or a second opinion, Health Tourism Düsseldorf serves as your primary information resource for exceptional healthcare services.

Navigating medical tourism in Düsseldorf is made effortless with the support of our trusted service partners. From transport companies like Alphalane Hospital Organisation ensuring smooth hospital transfers to Düsseldorf Airport facilitating international arrivals, every journey is tailored for comfort. Destination Management Companies (DMC) such as Elinor Travel specialize in crafting personalized experiences, aligning medical appointments with leisure activities. Whether it's shopping at Breuninger or finding an international pharmacy, our network partners are dedicated to enhancing your stay in Düsseldorf. Explore our Service Partners and discover a world of convenience and care, where every detail of your medical tourism experience is meticulously managed.