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The heart of the city

The Altstadt (Old Town) has always been Düsseldorf’s heart. In the  narrow lanes of the city centre, there is a vibrant sense of life and  happiness. This tiny part of the city is jam-packed with bars, fashion  boutiques, art museums and Düsseldorf’s famous “Altbier” breweries.


The Altstadt (Old Town) is also traditionally known as the “longest bar in the world” – not, as many outsiders think, to be found in one single pub. In fact, this term describes an entire microcosm that takes in over 260 hostelries, bars and restaurants in Düsseldorf’s Altstadt (Old Town). It has already been a melting pot of all social classes for centuries.

People most enjoy coming together at Düsseldorf’s traditional brewery inns for a tasty Altbier. This dark, top-fermented beer is still brewed in the rear courtyards of the Altstadt (Old Town), exactly as it was 100 years ago. So it’s a craft beer that existed long before the supposed reinvention of artisanal brewing. It is made with the best ingredients, in small batches and with a great deal of love. Incidentally, brewery inn guests are not served by a waiter but by a Köbes. Initially, a Köbes can seem a little brusque, but it’s all just part of the fun. And another little tip: the Köbes will continue bringing fresh beer until you cover your glass with your beer mat. Those who start feeling a little hungry in the Altstadt (Old Town) really don’t need to worry because the narrow streets contain many cosy restaurants, while on Carlsplatz, there are lots of food stalls offering culinary specialities. There is something for every taste here, from Rhenish soup kitchen to handmade pasta and unusual steak specialities to magnificent patisserie. Apart from that, the market also sells traditional products such as brushes and baskets, and gorgeous flowers, and also has wonderful fruit and veg stalls.

Dies ist die neue Beschriftung.

Those who prefer modern shopping will love Flinger Straße and Mittelstraße, which are lined with international fashion brands. There is something for everybody here, be it leather shoes, bags, trainers, hip streetwear or cosmetics. The quiet part of the otherwise bustling Altstadt (Old Town) is at the northern end. On peaceful Stiftsplatz in front of St. Lambertus Church, there is a sense of having gone back in time, to the days when Düsseldorf truly was still a village.

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