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Praxis für Hyperthermie - Dr. Sahinbas


Our motto: LIFE. IS ALWAYS. NOW.

We would like to accompany you. And give you hope. The best we can. With our experience, knowledge and expertise. With individualized therapy programs, working together with you and specialist colleagues towards your recovery.

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… We see the person in front of us and individually put together a treatment program in accordance with internationally recognized guidelines.


Our main treatment areas

·         Oncological diseases
Bronchial cancer • breast cancer • colon cancer • uterine and ovarian cancer • glioblastoma • brain tumors • head and neck tumors • pancreatic cancer • prostate cancer • sarcomas • liver metastases • lung cancer

·         Individualized, personalized systemic and localized medical therapies

·         Radiation treatment

·         Chronic inflammation/ Autoimmune diseases, asthma, allergies;

        Joint diseases - rheumatoid arthritis – arthritis; Neurodermatitis and psoriasis

·         Detoxification - chelation therapy

·         Burn-out, chronic pain syndrome

·         Regenerative therapies


·         All common forms of hyperthermia (no extreme WBHT)

·         Hyperthermia is a targeted temperature increase in a specific body region/organ (local hyperthermia) and/or the entire body (fever-like prolonged whole-body hyperthermia). Similar to an artificially induced fever. These processes stimulate the immune system and enhance the outcomes of chemotherapy and radiation. 

·         Another strength of hyperthermia is its use in treating chronic illnesses such as asthma, allergies, rheumatoid diseases, fibromyalgia, fatigue and Lyme disease.

·         Also effective in treatment of general pain, skin disease such as neurodermatitis, psoriasis, etc.

·         Chemo-sensitivity testing (sensitivity test of cancer cells to medication), special tumor marker test

·         Chemotherapies/ Immunotherapy

·         Biological cancer therapy/ Orthomolecular therapy/ Nutritional counseling

·         Palliative medicine

·         Individualized cell and organ regeneration therapies

·         Detoxification therapy (via blood system)

·         Psychotherapy - psycho-oncology




  • International office

  • Private wards

  • Special dietary requirements

Special areas

  • Hyperthermia

  • Regenerative medicine

  • Psycho-oncology

Medical departments

  • Special individualised oncology

  • Hyperthermia

  • Pain management

  • Chronic/autoimmune diseases

  • Onkologie

  • Internal medicine



Praxis für Hyperthermie - Dr. Sahinbas 
in the Pradus Medical Center at the Kaiserteich 

Hüseyin Sahinbas, MD (
Specialist of Radiology, Specialist of Radiotherapy and Radiation-Oncology, Palliative medicine, Hyperthermia, Complementary Medicine)

Reichsstraße 59
40217 Düsseldorf

Phone +49 211 31600422
Fax +49 211 33670828